Pets and Protecting Our Water

The Piney Creek Watershed is home to over 10,000 dogs that collectively produce over 2 tons of fecal waste per day. PCWA wishes to promote responsible pet ownership and contribute to a healthier, cleaner community by erecting pet waste stations in heavily used public spaces throughout the area. Twenty five stations that dispense individual plastic bags for pet waste collection are already in place throughout the watershed. PCWA with financial support from the Beckley Area Foundation and the West Virginia Dept of Environmental Protection is spearheading a campaign to add 25 new waste stations. See the information below to learn how you can sponsor a waste station in your neighborhood or favorite public space.

The map below shows the location of pet waste station through out the Piney Creek Watershed. If interested in sponsoring a waste station see form below map. Please do your part and pick up after your pet.