The best way to show your support for Piney Creek is by joining the association. Individuals that join the association receive a membership kit and are kept informed of association events and activities through newsletters and emails. More importantly, members receive a vote in the association. Due paying members determine the leadership, activities, and direction of the association. Students can join the association for as little as $5 and individuals can join for as little as $20. PCWA also offers business memberships starting at $100. Please consider joining our association and helping us protect and improve our watershed. To find out more about joining the association, please contact us at [email protected] You can also join the association at any event that PCWA hosts or attends. Stop by our display and see us!

Membership Levels

  • $5 Stream Keeper – Student
  • $20 Stream Keeper – Individual
  • $30 Stream Keeper – Family
  • $100 Stream Steward and Business Member
  • $200 Going Green Supporter
  • $500 Eco-Friendly Guardian
  • $1000 Habitat Helper
  • $2500 Piney Creek Partner
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Print & Mail Membership Application

PCWA accepts all membership requests and does not discriminate against anyone based on age, race, religion, gender, gender identity, disability, national origin, or sexual orientation.

PCWA welcomes all business members regardless of their economic activity. PCWA chooses to work WITH businesses to protect our environment and our communities.

Help Protect Our Water

Monetary donations are always accepted and can be dedicated for specific projects or general association operations. Non-monetary donations may be accepted within PCWA’s needs and ability to use. The association will provide IRS acceptable tax letters for all donations above $250. The association will provide IRS acceptable tax letters for donations under $250 if requested.

PCWA is a 501(c)3 nonprofit association and all donations are tax deductible. PCWA will provide receipts and letters as required to support tax deductions. PCWA will provide documentation of 501(c)3 status if requested.