YMCA Soccer Complex Barren Land Restoration and Enhancement Project

Revegetated hillside at the YMCA Soccer Fields in late 2017

PCWA has completed a revegetation project of the once barren lands above the YMCA soccer fields in Beckley. The previously mined 3-acre site was an unsightly, highly eroded area contributing sediment and metals to Piney Creek. As a designated priority in the Piney Creek Watershed Management Plan, the site was eligible for support from the US Environmental Protection Agency 319 Grant Program.

Eroded moonscape above the Beckley YMCA soccer fields in 2015 prior to renovation.

In 2015, PCWA was awarded a 319 Grant through the West Virginia Department of Environmental Protection for $20,145. These funds were matched by generous in-kind contributions from the YMCA, the City of Beckley, West Virginia Department of Environmental Protection REAP Program, the Southern Soil Conservation District of West Virginia and hours of volunteer labor from numerous citizen supporters. The area was regraded, topsoil and fertilizer were distributed, and the area was seeded with various grasses and legumes. In addition, a butterfly garden was established along with a walking trail.

Successful completion of the project has reduced the sediment load to Piney Creek and created a more visually appealing landscape with improved wildlife habitat and access to the area trail system.

Our army of volunteers who worked through the summer heat to establish the butterfly garden at the project.